A Review Of Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner: A Simple, Effective And Fast Way To Clean Your Tongue And Eliminate Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Tongue cleaning is not a widespread practice. And yet if you want to stop bad breath there is no better place to start.

A whopping 50% to 90% of all halitosis cases are caused by residues on your tongue. But all you ever see are commercials for toothbrushes…

Tongue cleaning is the absolute best bad breath remedy!

So which tongue cleaner should you use?…

… ==> Dr Tung’s stainless steel tongue scraper <==.dr. tung's tongue cleaner, stainless steel tongue scraper, metal tongue scraper, best tongue scraper, tongue cleaner, dr tung, best way to clean your tongue, cleaning your tongue

Why this one?…

…Because This particular tongue scraper is the best tongue cleaner in the health industry!

For a reason!

Customers prefer it to other brands by a factor of 5!

Why do they prefer it?…

…Because it is simple and it works. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, am I right?

Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper cures bad breath by removing the layer of residue (plaque and bacteria) that builds up on your tongue.

It has been shown to remove up to 75% of this gunk from your tongue!

clean tongue, tung, dr tung, tongue brushIt has a pre-curved edge which gives you precise control to easily and effectively scrape away any residue, leaving your tongue clean and your breath naturally fresh!

This curved, minimalist design also helps to reduce the gagging reflex you would get using a toothbrush, spoon, etc.

As an added benefit you won’t have to taste all that nasty gunk on your tongue as your sense of taste improves and you can begin to enjoy food again.

How to use a tongue scraper…

how to brush your tongue, best way to clean your tongue, clean tongue, how to clean your tongue, tongue sweeper, tongue cleaner, tongue cleaning, cleaning your tongue, tongue plaque, oralcare, how to use a tongue cleaner, how to use a tongue scraperActually using Dr. Tung’s scraper to clean your tongue couldn’t be simpler! All you do is:

  1. Grip the two handles in one or both hands
  2. Reach the scraper to the back of your tongue
  3. Gently scrape it toward the front of your tongue
  4. Rinse off any of the residue from the scraperbad breath, bad breath cure, bad breath remedy, halitosis, stop halitosis, quick way to cure bad breath
  5. Repeat four to five times

This process is super quick, it only takes about ten seconds!

You can easily add it to your normal bathroom routine.

Better than plastic…

Dr. Tung’s scraper is made from stainless steel and so will:

  • Last longer than plastic tongue scrapers
  • Be way more hygienic than plastic tongue scraper (on which things may grow…)
  • Be easier to control and maneuver in your mouth

Think about it…

why do we use metal cutlery instead of plastic?...

…the same reason we use metal tongue scrapers, its more comfortable and gentle on the tongue than plastic.

Dr. Tung’s stainless steel tongue scraper will get you results FAST.

Start using the scraper once or twice a day and you will notice a remarkable difference after a couple of days! You will be amazed at what this one little change can bring!

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Final word…

So, Dr. Tung’s stainless steel tongue scraper… is it worth it?


It has earned its place as the market leader for a reason:stainless steel tongue scraper, dr tung's tongue cleaner

  • It’s easy to use and control
  • It’s long lasting and hygienic
  • It DOESN’T cause a gag reflex
  • Most importantly, it’s effective!

Bad breath won’t know what hit it!

What others are saying:


I recently discovered the tongue cleaner by Dr. Tung’s, and it’s been life-changing. I’ve always suffered from various digestive issues and used to wake up every morning with nausea and dry heaves. Now, after using the tongue cleaner before bed and again in the morning, I feel normal — amazing!

Karen J

Just bought the tongue cleaner this week. Must say love the fact that I don`t gag when using it like I did with my plastic one. Will definitely recommend.


The best way to start your way to start your day is brushing and cleaning your tongue. I have practiced this religiously since my childhood, Don’t know if I can survive without cleaning my tongue. It avoids bad odor especially if your a smoker. This product always helped me to laugh out loud, always!!!

J Gray

I am 61 years old and I have used a tongue scaper as long as I could remember. I like singing shows and when the singers open their mouths wide. all I can see is a white tongue, it makes me gag because I know their tongue is covered with stuff and bacteria. Gross. Please find a way to promote tongue scraper to everytone. A white tongue is disgusting. A healthy tongue suppose to be pink not white.


I’ve had the same cleaner for over a decade. It is obviously very well made. I tried several tongue cleaners and Dr. Tung’s works the best. I’ve bought several for curious friends and family and they all love it too. Simply the best cleaner on the market.


Best tongue cleaner in the market. Tried many others but not as great and as effective. Without doubt, you will LOVE it!


The best product ever to eliminate bad breath…

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Q: Why can’t I just use a toothbrush?


  1. Toothbrushes have awkward dimensions for tongue cleaning. They have a narrower width, which reduces their effective area, and they are generally bulkier, which can cause gagging.
  2. The bristles of a toothbrush are designed to clean the hard, smooth enamel of teeth and are no where near as effective at cleaning the spongy, carpet-like texture of the tongue as the best tongue scrapers on the market.

Q: Why do I need to invest in a steel scraper?


Steel tongue scrapers are a lot more hygienic than plastic tongue scrapers.

Bacteria find it more difficult to grow on the actual scraper itself, so you won’t reintroduce them to your mouth.

Q: What if my tongue bleeds a little after using the scraper?


This is a normal thing to see when you first start using a tongue scraper.

Just give your tongue a day or two to heal and then continue using Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper.

Q: Where can I buy a tongue scraper?


Look no further. You can get your tongue Dr. Tung tongue scraper through this link.