4 Common Causes of Bad Breath And What You Can Do About Them

Bad breath, often called Halitosis by nerds, is self-explanatory and I won’t bore you with a definition.

Its embarrassing and you often can’t tell if you have it and have to ask your friend to check for you!

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  • how to get rid of bad breath?
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Do you want to know how to cure bad breath permanently?…

…Do you know how you got bad breath in the first place?

The most common causes of bad breath usually occur in the mouth.

Read down through them and see which ones might affect you.

Sources of bad breath

1. Dry mouth

A dry mouth (xerostomia, nerds again…) is red flag for bad breath. Your saliva starts the digestion process by starting the breakdown of the food you eat…

…and also helps moves said food along to the stomach.

Not having a lot of spit in your mouth leads to some food particles staying in your mouth, starting to decompose and giving off those bad breath odors.

To stop this cause of bad breath you need to keep your mouth hydrated. Do this by:

  1. Drinking more water.
  2. Breathing through your nose and not your mouth.
  3. Chewing sugar free gum to stimulate your saliva glands.

2. Lack of Oral Hygiene


If you don’t clean your mouth bacteria will grow there.

They will eat any left over food in your mouth and give off bad breath odors.

This is the number 1 cause of bad breath!

This particular cause of bad breath can also lead to tooth decay and gum disease. You can usually tell if this is a problem for you as your tongue will have a white coating on it…what causes bad breath, halitosis causes, causes of halitosis, halitosis,

…guess what color the bacteria is…

The bad breath remedies for this one include:

  1. Surprise! Brushing your teeth… twice a day… thoroughly…
  2. Flossing.
  3. Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash.
  4. Cleaning your tongue.

Number 4 is a big one as that is where the majority of the bacteria will be.

If you’re not sure how to do this properly (a toothbrush just isn’t designed to do it) then scroll down to the end and click on the link.

bad breath remedies, remedies for bad breath, home remedies for bad breath, bad breath home remedy, halitosis cure, how to cure halitosis 3. Smoking

Tobacco products stink!

They stink when they’re on your clothes and they stink coming off of your breath!

Unlike the other causes on this list bad breath from smoking doesn’t come from the natural breakdown of food particles.

Instead you’re actually adding foul smelling chemicals on top of the natural ones…

…it can also accelerate the onset of tooth decay and gum disease as well…

The cure for this cause of bad breath is:

  1. Quit smoking

Easier said than done, I know… Just think of it as extra motivation!

4. The types of food you eat

So, I think you now realize that digesting food gives off odors…

Different foods give off different odors!

The food you eat can affect your breath even from your stomach.

What happens is that the products of the food after digestion are carried in your blood stream and eventually get carried to your lungs where your blood exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen.

There the products of the food can make it out of your body as you exhale.

Strong smelling foods and drinks can cause bad breath in this way such as:bad breath, tongue scraper, best tongue scraper, tongue cleaner, tongue cleaning,  best tongue cleaner

  1. Garlic
  2. Onions
  3. Exotic Spices / Spicy food
  4. Meat and Fish
  5. Dairy
  6. Coffee
  7. Alcohol

A final point is that a low carbohydrate diet can cause you to burn fat, which can also lead to bad breath.

The BIG source of bad breath

You know how to clean your teeth

…Do you know how to clean your tongue?

Because your tongue has a spongy carpet-like texture it has a tendency to trap those odor causing bacteria we talked about above.

A toothbrush is just not designed to free those bacteria from that type of texture and you will only get limited results.

If your serious about beating bad breath, then you need to clean your tongue with a specialized tool, such as a tongue scraper.

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Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper has a few advantages to offer, including:

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If you want to finally be free of bad breath once and for all, give it a go.

I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with the results.